La Mariposa y la Flor

A man once asked God
… a flower and a butterfly,
but God gave her a cactus and a caterpillar.
The man was sad, for he
he understood why his order arrived wrong.
Then he thought:
With so many people to attend … and
He decided not to question.
After a while the man went to
verify the order that he left behind.
To his surprise, the spine and ugly
cactus was born the most beautiful
And the ugly caterpillar became
a beautiful butterfly.
God always does the right thing.
His way is best, although
our eyes
seems all wrong.
If asked God for a rose and received
another, trust …
Rest assured that he always
will you need in time
Not always what you want …
It is what you need, as he never
failure in the delivery of their orders,
continues without doubting or murmuring …

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